What's the best way to give us support?

At the moment, it's telling your friends/family about Nirvana Candle! You can also sign up for our Newsletter, which will offer you Early-Bird Access so you can claim exclusive rewards on our Kickstarter!

When will you launch? 

This depends on the success of the Kickstarter.  If we hit our fundraising goal, we can immediately give the thumbs up to our manufacturing partners to create the custom pieces needed to bring this product to life. That being said, we are aiming to ship finished product during Winter 2018. 

About Kickstarter

What is Kickstarter?

Kickstarter is a website that many companies turn to in order to raise money for the initial costs that must occur to bring a product to life. You receive rewards from us directly based on the amount you contribute. Eg - contribute $20 and receive a free Nirvana Candle after launch! 

What is Early-Bird Access for the Kickstarter? 

By signing up to our Newsletter, we will send you an email the night before launch letting you know exactly what time the Kickstarter goes live. The best rewards offered on the Kickstarter will have a limited quantity, giving you a chance to claim them before they are gone!

What are the risks of Kickstarter? 

Kickstarter is an 'all or nothing' platform, meaning we only receive any contribution made by you if we hit our fundraising goal. Your card is not charged until that fundraising goal is hit. The reason for this is that the fundraising goal is the minimum amount of money we need to actually launch the business and create a finished product.  

That being said, we already have manufacturing quotes in our hands for all of the custom pieces, and suppliers lined up for the non-custom pieces. We are confident that we know how much money it will take to bring this product to life.

What will the Kickstarter money be used for? 

A large majority of the money will be used for molding the custom pieces. Again, we already have this quoted. The remaining money will go towards initial inventory along with marketing. 

About the Candle

What type of wax do you use? 

We use an all-natural premium soy wax in each candle. Soy wax has many benefits over other waxes (such as paraffin), including a cleaner and longer burn. 

What fragrances do you offer? 

We will have year-round, along with seasonal fragrances.

We are currently testing year-round fragrances, and will update the site as we make the final decisions regarding which one's we will offer first. Some that are currently being refined are Vanilla, Lavender, and Floral. 

The seasonal fragrances will be determined by you! If you contribute $1 or more to our Kickstarter, you will be able to vote to determine the seasonal fragrance we offer! 

How many hours will each candle burn? 

Each candle will offer 50+ hours of burn time. 

About Nirvana Candle

Is this an accessory, or an all-in-one product? 

The Nirvana Candle is an all-in-one product. Each time you purchase, you receive a premium soy candle in our custom container. 

How do I use it? 

It's as simple as press, lift, light! 

  1. Press the button located on the outside of the container
  2. Lift the lid until it rests upon the backing
  3. Light your candle and enjoy!

How does it work? 

To keep it simple, when you press the button a timer starts. This makes it so that when you lift the lid and rest it upon the backing, it holds in that 'open' position. If the button was never pressed, the lid will not hold in this position and it will close. 

The lid holds in this 'open' position until the time has expired. After an hour or two, depending on the model you purchase, the lid will no longer hold in the 'open' position and gravity will cause it to close - cutting off the oxygen to the flame and extinguishing the candle. 

Can I adjust the timer? 

We want to make this product as simple to use as possible, and maintain the aesthetics of a typical jar candle (eg minimize buttons). That being said, the timer is predetermined before it is sold. This allows us to offer a one-button solution. We will offer a variety of time intervals, so you are able to choose the time selection that works best for you!

I have a question not listed on here

Simply fill out the 'Contact Us' form and we will get back to you shortly!